Too often we look for the obvious when surmising what defines culture. We look for tangible and blatant historical references.
Here in the UK a culture of great significance exists. One that has helped shape a nation for centuries. A culture which is under threat and in need of protection.

In the shadowy lanes of the City of London sits ‘The hand and Shears’. On this site since 1133, this pub has acted as an annex for businessmen, butchers, barristers and brawlers. Its doors are open and its walls are deaf. Known for its private nooks and warm, intimate interior, this pub epitomises the establishment that Britain has given to the world; The Public House. The cultural significance of this site acts as part of the  foundation of British heritage. It represents a nation of old and new, past and present. It must be protected. It must be preserved.

Shown here is our contribution to the application submitted to the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation (UNESCO) in association with Kingston School of Architecture. We request United Nations-protected status for the London pub.