The Water Tower, Staffordshire

We design and build buildings. We use furniture, art, objects and materials to create enchanting spaces. Each project is different. While the context, client and surfaces vary, the principals that create a balance between nature and luxury are always present. 
We work with craftsman, reclamation yards, dealers, artisans, welders, panel beaters, foundries and timber merchants. Every aspect of every project is finite. True luxury cannot be copied, it must be rare, it must be finite.

We design with a meticulous approach, taking great care to select every object. True luxury is calm. Our projects feature everything one needs to experience luxury without compromising on aesthetics. The balance between the pragmatic and the beautiful is never compromised. 

We create real spaces that reflect human nature. All materials, forms, colours and objects are carefully selected to be in sync with the user. We have spent decades refining our craft to achieve spaces that are suspended in time and removed from the wasteful practice of ‘trends’.

We are excited for the future of enlightened buildings and spaces. Nature is abundant, we hope to be a part of the movement that embraces it. 

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